No Anonymity From Our Children Canadian Council of Natural Mothers

Leslie Wagner has created a list to help us open sealed adoption records. Natural parents who lost children to adoption are invited to submit their names to be maintained on the "NO Anonymity" list. The list of names will be used to provide politicians with evidence that we DO want to know our long lost children and the myths that we were promised or want confidentiality are unfounded. We have approximately 147 names on our list, if you want to add your name,

Please provide us with:

Your name (natural parent)

Your current age (which will not be publicized, it’s for our records)

If reunited, date of reunion, gender and birth date of your 'child'.

If searching, gender and birth date of your 'child' and the city he or she was born in.

This list will be public. Willing participants please email your info to Leslie Wagner at:

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