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Out of the Fog (30 min video) see library for review

The video stream is from the Internet site. It is not downloadable, and requires RealPlayer to be seen.

A first mother's thoughts about the rights to privacy and confidentiality
Thoughtful article, well worth reading

A Mothers Song
A Mother's Song website provides information about the long-term effects of adoption on mothers and people adopted. And perhaps more importantly, it has a list of resources and ideas for parents who are facing a "unplanned" pregnancy.

OBC Maine

Adoptee Searcher's Handbook

Adoption Crossroads
Contact Joe Soll

The Adoption History Project


Birthmother Tree

Birth Mother Research Project (a thesis ... good reading)

Birth Mother's View of Adoption: Suggestions for Reform

Canadian Women's Internet Association

Concerned United Birthparents (CUB)

A Sudbury-based group which enables single teen mothers to support each other in raising their babies. If you need such support or know anyone who does, please send them to Cybermoms.

Ensminger Consulting
Ray Ensminger

Evelyn Robinson
Mother, Author, Counsellor

Heather Lowe
"What you should know if you're considering adoption for your baby"...

Impact of Adoption on Birth parents


Magdalene Laundries
Justice for Magdalenes

Mathair Áil
Mother of the Brood - The Source

Newborn Adoption, The Life-long Psychological Matrix

Australia - Supporting people separated by adoption

Reconnecting Families: Natural parents "adopting-back" the adult children they lost to closed infant-adoption. A Discussion for Natural Parents and Adopted People

Reconnecting our Kin - ROK

"Releasing the Past. Adoptions Practices 1950-1998"

Note: this is about New South Wales.You will need Acrobat Reader which you can download for free. Report is over 250 pages long and takes 2 - 3 min. to down load. After the main page loads, click on the right side where it says "Reports" and then scroll down to where it says "Social Issues - Standing Committee" until you see "12/08/2000 Releasing the Past. Adoptions Practices 1950 - 1998. Final Report." Click on that.In order to read the Report online you must click on where it says "Report Text" (Adobe) and download it.

Sunflower Birth Mothers' Homepages
This is an e-mail list of natural mothers only, mostly American but with some Canadians. An excellent site for discussing search and reunion issues. At the moment they seem to be having some problems with their site. I have e-mailed them and will get the link working asap.

Unlocking the Heart of Adoption - Sheila Ganz
Bridging the Gap between birth and adoptive families.

Parents & Professionals for Family Preservation & Protection
Website: http://www.ppffpp.org/main_page.html

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