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  • Author of Birth Mother Trauma and Adoptee Trauma.
  • Owner Carlini Institute for Therapy, Research and Transpersonal Education - the only government approved post-adoption counselors course in North America with certified post-adoption counselors in Canada, the US, England and Ireland.
  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist working in Saanichton, B.C. having worked in the area of post-adoption counselling for fifteen years.
  • Work includes regressive therapy using biofeedback.


Colleen E. Clark MSW RSW, Clinical Social Worker

Colleen has been a social worker since 1985.
Colleen has fifty years experience as an adoptee, who reunified with her natural family in 1992. She is recognized, nationally and internationally, as an expert for her clinical work in trauma in the adoption field.

Colleen's master's project was in the development of a healing model "Coming Home to Self", Copyright 1994, for the Adult Adoptee and Natural Families. This model focuses on a developmental and systemic stragetic healing framework with the use of EMDR.

Colleen's sacred deep work comes from the wisdom and knowledge of wholestic healing, not only the mind, emotions, and body, but also, the soul and spirit.

Colleen holds Level I and II training in EMDR and is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist. She created and has presented her unique work at conferences and workshops; developed healing groups for adult adoptees and natural families; has reunited hundred's of indivduals connected through adoption; and addressed individuals' unique issues.

Colleen has recently returned to Calgary, Alberta
(2003) Canada, after living, working, and writing, in Hawaii. Colleen is currently writing her healing book: "I Am" and workbook(s), "You Jumped Out of Your Life Now What"

She offers individual, dyadic, family, and group consultation and workshops.

To contact Colleen:
Phone: (403) 615-0118 (cell)
Phone: (403) 698-4743 (confidential voice mail)
Email :

PEARL GILLES CPAC - Prince Edward Island

Certified Post-Adoption Counsellor
Trained in transpersonal psychology and is a member of the National Association of Transpersonal Psychology. (Body/Mind/Soul)


* Post adoption counselling to prepare for the reunions of, mothers, people who were adopted, and other family members who have been separated by adoption.
* Assisting mothers who have lost their children to adoption in processing their delayed grief to lessen the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder on four levels.

The only Certified Post Adoption Counsellor in the Maritime Provinces.


* Trained and Certified by the Carlini Institute for Therapy, Research and Transpersonal Education Saanichton, BC ( registered through the Private Post Secondary Education Commission of B.C.)
* personal experience as a reunited mother


Parent Finders, Prince Edward Island

Phone: (902) 659-2754

For more information about the Carlini Institute, please contact Heather Carlini at,

Christine M. Lachaîne M.Ed. (Counselling), C.C.C., C.P.A.C./A.R.C.
Certified Post-Adoption, Adoption Reunion Counsellor, & Clinical Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Christine is a fluently bilingual (English & French) counsellor/psychotherapist and researcher, specializing in different realms of counselling: individual, couple/family, group, and career. As a Canadian Certified Counsellor, Christine has a Master's degree in Counselling from the University of Ottawa and is trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy via Gestalt Institute of the National Capital Region.

As a reunited adoptee, Christine brings both personal (e.g., a family affected by adoption and foster care commencing four generations ago) and professional adoption experiences to her practice. She is also trained and certified as a Post-Adoption, Adoption Reunion Counsellor via the Carlini Institute for Therapy, Research and Transpersonal Education.

Adoption affects every cornerstone of the adoption community on all four realms of our human existence: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. As a result, Christine is an advocate in raising awareness of post-adoption issues within the mental health community via psychoeducational workshops and seminars.

As of January 2006, Christine believes she is Ottawa's only Certified Post-Adoption, Adoption Reunion, and Foster Care Counsellor, Christine is aware that these specialized services are few-to-none in Canada/United States. Telephonic and e-counselling are available.

Contact Information:
For further information and/or to book an appointment or workshop/seminar within your community, kindly contact:
CLC: A Path to Healing

Phone: (613) 761-6933 (confidential line)

Flexible availability: days, early evenings, and weekends.


Dianne Mathes is a therapist with 15 years experience in individual, group and retreat work. Her work includes individuals whose lives have been affected by adoption and traumas such as incest and sexual abuse. Dianne has a certificate in Social Work from Ryerson University and has training in psychodrama and bodywork.

Dianne is a reunited adoptee whose major experience and sensitivity in adoption therapy is her personal journey in life as an adoptee.

Phone: (416) 487-2404 (Toronto) or (705) 687-0053
Fax: (416) 247-8212
Email :


GRAIG MORIARTY is an adoptee with both personal and professional interests and experience with adoption issues.

Graig is a Gestalt Therapist, an Associate of The Gestalt Institute of Toronto and a Certified/Licensed psychotherapeutic bodyworker (Postural Integration) with a private practice in Toronto. To all members of the adoption constellation he offers an opportunity to therapeutically explore any issues or personal interests they may have as a part of this unique, and often misunderstood, group of individuals.

Because of his commitment to this work, and to ensure that as many people as possible have access to affordable therapy, Graig offers a sliding scale fee structure to all those affected by adoption. Appointments most days with some evening / weekend availability.

Phone: (416) 966-3729


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